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What Is Plan.One?

Search engine. Comparison portal. Your digital source for information relevant for building planning.

Designed as an intelligent aid by architects for architects, Plan.One offers you a wide selection of building products that you can browse through, filter and compare using your own personalised technical or design requirements. It’s intuitive, fast and takes just a few clicks. Copy relevant product details and planning information directly into your planning environment and take advantage of our many benefits.

Benefits for architects and developers

Very considerable time savings

Developers spend a good third of their time looking for, comparing and selecting suitable building products. With us, you can find all of the relevant information centrally on a single platform, which makes your workflow significantly faster.

Comprehensive planning reliability

Construction defects cost 1.4 billion euros every year in Germany and the primary cause is out-of-date technical manuals and analogue planning data. Plan.One offers you digital access to building product information directly from the manufacturer.

Transparency across the market

The product descriptions and property values of the products we list are standardised by us. This enables us to compare all manufacturers based on objective evaluation criteria.

Products to suit requirements

Plan.One uses all of the search queries made to calculate trend forecasts, which enable manufacturers to tailor development of their products to suit you. Use Plan.One as a mouthpiece to the manufacturer.

Industry experts say:

Plan.One – Finally a solution, which enables architects and engineers to search for project data and makes a valuable contribution to our daily work. In a similar way to how search engines help us with business trips and holidays, e.g. HRS, Expedia and Swoodoo.

Arch. Dipl. Ing. Franz Madl, VFA/BDB

Product Portfolio

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How does Plan.One work?

Select the building component category you require.

Enter your building component requirements using the filter menu.

Find and compare suitable building products.

Save your ideal building product to a favourites list.

Access all content relevant for planning at any time.

Product search

Product search

Our intuitive product search quickly finds the information you want.

You can start your search in your web browser or via our plug-in in your BIM planning program. You can find the suitable building product based on your technical requirements, which you can filter. The search results show you clearly which products fully (or only partially) meet your requirements.

Product comparison

Product comparison

On Plan.One, all product descriptions and property values are standardised.

This allows you to make an objective comparison of all the products in a category across all the manufacturers. The search results are clearly displayed, making similarities and differences immediately apparent.

Downloading planning data

Downloading planning data

All of the product information provided by the manufacturer is available for you to download.

Whether it is a PDF of the product comparison, BIM models, certificates, CAD data, brochures etc., you can download all of the relevant content and use it for your planning. You can even import selected data directly into your project via our plug-in.

Industry experts say:

Plan.One offers me, as an architect, the opportunity to remain product-neutral on a project for a long time. During the planning phase, we are working out the requirements, quality and properties of the building components and products. With Plan.One, we can then look for the most suitable product or, if necessary, adjust requirements in order to have a wider product field.

Kim Boris Löffler, architect at AHK/BDB

BIM Integration

Our plug-ins for Autodesk Revit and Graphisoft Archicad enable you to use Plan.One directly from your BIM planning software.

Use your mouse to search for product requirements that are defined in your building components. You can import the BIM models of suitable building products easily into your planning environment. We also offer the option to just transfer the parameter values without the geometry.


Digitalisation means collaboration and networking at all levels.

That’s why we connect ourselves and you with associations, software manufacturers, consulting agencies, industry insiders and manufacturers of building products. That’s how we can supply you with the best information for your building project and support you in going digital