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Plan.One Ads

Your extra traffic boost

Reach your target group before the competition and improve your chances of an order.

Plan.One Ads

Upgrade your Plan.One Basic package now and decide the placement of your products for yourself


Large reach

Benefit from constantly increasing visitor numbers and growing product comparisons.


Key target groups

Specifically reach architects and developers during their daily product searches.


Targeted branding

Promote your company and portray the perfect image.


Precise measurability

Evaluate your advertising measures on Plan.One using detailed reports.

Find your perfect advertising format with Plan.One Ads

Category tile

Cross the finish line before the race has even begun

With the category tile, your placement appears before your direct competitors are even visible. You can choose this placement both for the start page as well as for a category page.


Product tile

Clear the stage for your very special product

Is your product unbeatable? Then let others know as well, and place it right at the top of the list.

Supplier tile

Display your brand on relevant product details pages

Position yourself in the relevant manufacturer area. The link will take users to your manufacturer details page, where they’ll find all the relevant information about your company and your portfolio.



Customise your individual package to suit your marketing goals

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*Period of 4 weeks

Perfectly position your content on Plan.One channels

Increase your reach even further with targeted inbound marketing

Topics Newsletter

750 €
Performance specification

Placement in a topic newsletter with a link to the manufacturer’s detail page and selected products of the manufacturer on Plan.One.

Booking period

The topic newsletter is sent once to all Plan.One subscribers.

Social Media Post

750 €
Service description

Publication of an exclusive article about Xing, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. With a link to the product or manufacturer detail page on Plan.One.

Booking period

Unique mail is published and remains permanently online.

Blog Post

900 €
Service description

Publication of an exclusive article on the Plan.One Blog with link to the product or manufacturer details page on Plan.One

Booking period

The Plan.One Blog Post will be published and will remain permanently in the blog.

Exclusive newsletter

1.800 €
Service description

Publication of an exclusive manufacturer newsletter with a link to the manufacturer detail page and selected products of the manufacturer on Plan.One.

Booking period

The exclusive newsletter is sent once to all Plan.One subscribers.

Add to your reach with the help of our video content

Convince other users with visual content

Increase your visibility to a maximum

Place yourself in our video formats as an exclusive manufacturer. Integration options include explanation video, product search, matching factor and many other areas. Visit our Plan.One Tutorials page and get an impression of the possibilities.

Price per placement: 3.500€**
All further information on request.

Do you have any questions?

We will be happy to advise you and discuss together which package ideally fits your product portfolio.

Rüdiger Koch

Rüdiger Koch Head of Sales

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of Plan.One Ads.


The category overview is located on the start page. This is the view you get when you open the Plan.One website. Unfiltered and without comparisons.


On the subcategory page is the product overview of the previously selected category.

Final subcategory page

The final subcategory page shows the products from the previously selected subcategory.

Category tile

The category tile is the rectangular area for navigation within the category overview. A category tile takes the user to the selected category.

Product tile

The product tile is the image of a product on the result page incl. product and manufacturer name.

Supplier tile

The supplier tile is identical to the rectangular surfaces used for navigation within the categories. The manufacturer tile takes the user directly to the respective manufacturer page on Plan.One.

*4 weeks running time
**term of 6 months