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Plan.One Werbeaktion

Just four steps to your reward


1. Request link

Log in and get your link about my profile >> Invite architects and planners.


2. Recruit users

Send the link to interested architects/planners.


3. Receive confirmation

If an architect/planner registers via the link, you will be notified by e-mail.


4. Secure reward

Choose your reward and get it sent free of charge.

Choose your reward

Already from one recruited architect/planner

Prämie 1 Architekt

For one architect/planner

do you get a one-time 15% discount on the
DETAIL inspiration annual subscription.

Prämie 3 Architekten Backup

From 3 architects/planners

do you choose between a
vitra. Toolbox and the book “The Essence of Things” from Vitra Design Museum.

Prämie 5 Architekten

From 5 architects/planners

choose from a vitra. Eames Elephant and Muuto Coat Dots in a set of 5.

Win 10 architects/planners

and choose between:

Artemide NH Wall Light


vitra. Hang it all by Charley and Ray Eames.

10 architekten werben v0519_DE

Convince 15 architects/planners

and these rewards are waiting for you:

vitra. Wire Chair DKR


Artemide Tolomeo table lamp

Recruit 20 architects/planners

and save exclusively:

Louis Poulsen PH 3/4 pendant


vitra. Eames Fiberglass Side Chair DSX


Who can participate?

Every registered Plan.One user!

There is a personal link in your profile. Share this and advertise interested architects/planners. Depending on the number of users you have recruited, you can choose from various rewards.

Have you already been recruited? Great, then also use your own personal link, advertise architects/planners and secure one of the rewards.



If you can’t find a suitable answer, please contact us at

Until when can I redeem my award?

At the end of this promotion, you will receive an email from us, which you can use to select your bonus. You must answer this e-mail by 15.09.2019 at the latest in order to receive your bonus.

Is there a charge for the advertising campaign?

The promotion is free of charge for all pages. Your Plan.One account is for free, whether you advertise or have been referred.

Can I recruit more than one architect/planner?

Sure. Your personal link can be used several times, no matter if the referred person registers or not.

Can I split my reward?

It is not possible to allocate the premiums. The number of persons recruited determines a prescribed selection option.

Can I choose between the rewards?

Depending on the architects/planners you recruit, a fixed selection of bonuses is available to you. You can use this selection to select your bonus.

Which e-mail address must the referred person use to register?

The e-mail address serves us, among other things, as a tool for verifying the recruited user as an architect or planner. An e-mail address from the architect’s/planner’s office would simplify this in contrast to a private one.

Does the advertiser have to register via the link?
How do I get my reward?

At the end of the promotion, you will receive an email from us informing you of the possible reward you can choose. You reply to this email, choose your reward and tell us where you want to send it. We will then send the premium free of charge to the address provided within Germany.

How long is the incentive campaign active?

The advertising campaign runs until 31.08.2019 (23:59 CEST).

How long is my link valid?
How is my personal link created?
How do I get the discount for Detail Inspiration?

If you choose the premium “15% discount on the Detail Inspiration annual subscription” after the end of the promotion, we will send you a one-time discount code. If you sign up independently for the annual subscription, you can redeem the discount code.

Further informations

Under the following points you will find further points for the incentive campaign:

Conditions of participation