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Welcome to our architecture blog. Plan.One is not only a comparison platform for building products, but also your blog about architecture, construction and startups from the building industry. Discover exciting articles from sustainability, product categories, digital trends and many more. In addition to professional contributions from our content team,you will also discover contributions from renowned personalities from the world of architecture.

Construction blog for architects and planners

Would you like to find out what new building products are available, what makes them so special and how you can plan them directly? Then this construction blog is just right for you! The Plan.One blog articles not only show you which products may be of interest to you, but also offers you the opportunity to compare these products directly with other building products online. At the same time, we provide you with ready-made product searches and product comparisons, as well as directly applicable watch lists for your daily planning.

Startups from the construction industry

Would you like to find out which startups exist in the construction industry and what makes them so special? This is exactly what you will find on the Plan.One blog. Learn not only how construction industry startups like Capmo, Buildingradar or Plantobuild came into existence, but also what makes these startups from the construction industry so successful.