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A virtual journey into the future with TechEstate

TechEstate is the next digital company to be introduced in our “Digital Tools” series. The company has developed an app that brings 2D plans to life using its Augmented Reality (AR) solution. This allows users to virtually enter buildings and move around within the project while still in the planning phase

The TechEstate team has developed an app that allows users to virtually walk through a construction project. Source: TechEstate
The TechEstate team has developed an app that allows users to virtually walk through a construction project. Source: TechEstate
The TechEstate team has developed an app that allows users to virtually walk through a construction project. Source: TechEstate

What problem does TechEstate solve?

TechEstate makes individual construction projects and entire neighborhoods tangible with the AR solution even before the construction phase – in the sales process. In this phase, sales staff often only have access to 2D documents. With the TechEstate app, the company supports the change from 2D to 3D and accelerates the sales and rental processes.

TechEstate serves the phases of design, trade and operation. The company focuses on the following target groups:

AR solution for the pocket

With the help of the AR solution, which TechEstate has developed on its own, a simple 2D site plan is brought to life. Users can view a building project from different perspectives and lines of sight and move through the respective project. In addition, it is possible to switch to the 360° interior view of the building. This creates the feeling of being directly on site. TechEstate breaks away from rigid visualizations and construction plans and enables interested parties and project developers to have project information always and everywhere at hand in their pocket via the app. The goal is to drive the digital change in the real estate industry with smart solutions. By the way: The app is completely finished in the corporate design of the customer and can be used for iOS and Android.

In the future, the app will be expanded to include additional tools and, according to the company’s own statements, is intended to become the universal pocket knife for the real estate industry. Thus, it is a relevant tool to drive the rental and sales process

TechEstate with a view to the current situation in the industry

The construction industry is currently doing well and there are many projects to be tackled. Therefore the perspective view into the future is missing. Companies in the real estate industry are threatening to oversleep digitization. Responsibilities for digital topics should be created in the companies so that future-oriented technologies can be introduced parallel to project business. In 10 years, the construction industry will hopefully be fully digitized and virtual tours can be experienced from anywhere. What is today known as “Industry 4.0” will then also find its way into the real estate industry: Online configurators, individual selection of special requests/packages and automated integration into the planning and construction phase

#digitizing cloth – Tips from TechEstate

Which industry can the construction industry learn from?

Certainly the construction industry can learn from the automotive industry. After all, even then there were some future-oriented topics that were taken less seriously. Today, resources must be used up to keep up with current trends.

Where do you see the greatest pent-up demand for the construction industry?

Basically, we see the greatest backlog demand in digitization and in creating personnel purely for innovations. In the project business, project developers, sales staff, etc. lack the capacity to carry out and drive forward pilot projects internally.

What quote would you like to give the construction industry?

“With our TechEstate App, users make the transition from 2D to 3D and make the project presentation to prospective buyers and municipal decision-makers an experience right from the planning stage”.

– TechEstate

Further information about TechEstate can be found here.

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