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BIMWORX networks the construction industry

The next exciting company we will be presenting in our ‘Digital Tools’ series is BIMWORX. The company’s aim is to network all players in the construction industry and provide a platform on which information from the industry is sorted and reaches the right user without detours.

BIMWORX stellt eine Plattform bereit, auf der Informationen aus der Branche zum passenden Nutzer gelangen.

Which problem does BIMWORX solve?

BIM requires an interdisciplinary exchange. The basis for this is smooth communication in project work. It is important that communication also functions outside a concrete project. Many users and target groups currently only look at the topic from their own perspective. Architects, manufacturers, building owners, specialist planners and a number of other people are involved in the process. The different perspectives, coupled with the flood of information, can lead to a real overload. There are many individual associations, initiatives and forums with numerous members who work on and promote the topic of BIM. This is an important step in the right direction, but the user is currently faced with a large amount of information and has to filter out the data relevant to him in this jungle. As an example, an architect can find information on the topic at the chambers of architects, software manufacturers, product manufacturers, associations and architect platforms. In the process, one quickly loses the overview, but especially the desire for digitisation.

BIMWORX starts at exactly this point and manages the entire process from design to operation. The company focuses on the entire construction and real estate industry, so that a use case can be mapped for everyone. The following target groups, however, find their added value particularly in the different construction phases.

Einordnung Bauphasen bimworx
BIMWORX unterstützt unterschiedliche Zielgruppen in allen Bauphasen eines Projekts.

The construction industry code

The aim is to provide the user with relevant information directly and to network all persons involved in the construction. However, the question of coherent networking on a platform, especially for the construction industry, can be answered with “currently not available”. BIMWORX is an online network which is aimed at the entire industry.

The idea behind it is to sort the information of the industry and to transport it without detours to the appropriate user. This is done on the basis of the Building Industry Code (BBC). The code is generated during the free registration on BIMWORX. This is done with the usual personal and company details. In addition, information about the way the system works is requested, for example which software is used for daily work. The special features are the query of BIM specifics and the indication of the branch of industry. This results in a specific construction industry code (BBC) and a networked database.

The contents of the platforms can be classified using the BIMWORX construction industry code and are thus addressed to the appropriate target group. Content ranges from user information about companies, events and groups to invitations to tender and much more. The users are provided with various use cases, which enable efficient information procurement and provision. Among other things, projects, events and tenders can be linked to the BBC.

BIMWORX Projektübersicht
Im Projektbereich finden sich unterschiedlichste Projekte wieder, mit detaillierten Informationen zum Status, Gebäudetyp, BIM-Spezifika und vieles mehr. Quelle: BIMWORX.

BIM exchange of experience and information

Whether BIM will become the standard is no longer a question. The problem is rather the implementation of theory in practice. “With our platform we want to make a contribution to the digitalisation of the construction industry. From my practice as a lawyer, I can say that the industry is in part very insecure and even feels that it is already “hung up”. In our project database, beginners can see that even experienced BIM experts have not yet mastered all application cases. We want to promote an exchange of experience and information that encourages all players to implement digitisation,” says Cornelius Homann, owner of HOMANN Rechtsanwalt and co-founder of BIMWORX GmbH.

BIMWORX in 2030

The company sees itself as the leading online platform for the entire real estate industry in the future. Not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. According to its own statements, BIMWORX is perceived as a strong brand for the digitalisation of the construction industry. The platform is intended to serve as a contact point for all parties involved in a construction process to obtain relevant information.

Opportunities and risks of digital change

“The industry is currently doing very well. Perhaps too good to be able to implement innovations such as BIM in a timely manner,” says BIMWORX. Currently, there are many views on different topics of digitisation in the industry. New concepts, markets and working methods are emerging. The opportunities for optimising and improving a company are extremely high, but there are also increasing risks: from misinvestment as a “lesson” to market displacement if not adapted to new technologies. The industry is slowly beginning to tackle the issue of digitisation and to use it to its advantage. Other sectors are much further along in this respect. In the next 10 years, the construction industry will hopefully be where it could already be today. With a new efficient and optimised way of working that exploits the potential of the industry.

#digitisingcloth – tips from BIMWORX

Which sector can the construction industry learn from?

The automotive industry continues to provide a good parallel and shows how quickly and efficiently new techniques can be applied. Looking back over the last 50 years, the way a car is produced and developed has changed dramatically and become much more efficient. Keywords in this context include generative design or Lean-Production. In addition, the technology of the product has also been completely changed. For example, away from the carburettor and towards the hybrid with turbocharger. The industry is constantly being confronted with new challenges and is mastering them with confidence, even if this involves major upheavals. This is also desirable for the adaptation of new processes, working methods and challenges for the real estate industry.

Where do you see the greatest pent-up demand for the construction industry?

The construction industry has failed to create organisational structures that provide the production process with security for costs, deadlines and quality. Due to the complexity of the projects a well thought-out project organisation is extremely important. Digitisation and especially BIM can make an important contribution to this.

Which quotation would you like to give to the building industry?

“BIM requires closer and interdisciplinary cooperation, take the chance to rethink!”

Further information about BIMWORX can be found here.

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