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on 10.06.2020

Building Radar is the next digital company to be introduced in our “Digital Tools” series. The company aims to keep a constant eye on activities in the construction industry and to provide information on potential new construction projects as early as possible using artificial intelligence (AI). Building Radar also provides real-time information on upcoming and ongoing construction projects.

Building Radar Team

What problem does Building Radar solve?

With the help of Building Radar, users receive information about activities in the construction industry as early as possible. With this knowledge it is possible to pitch products even before the competition. The chance of winning a potential construction project is thus significantly increased. In addition, the company provides up-to-date information about future and already started construction projects.

Building Radar manages the process from design to tender. The company focuses on the following target groups in the respective construction phases:

Verified information by AI

With the help of state-of-the-art AI technology, relevant construction projects are identified as early as possible. Building Radar provides verified information on construction projects worldwide, so that sales can concentrate exclusively on sales and do not have to deal with the generation and verification of leads. This means that they are not the only providers on the market, but they do have a decisive difference to other providers. This consists in the evaluation of the data, because they work here by machine and not manually, as other providers do. Through machine evaluation, Building Radar ensures that services can be scaled up quickly and information can be made available much earlier. This enables the company to cover construction projects worldwide and to further expand its services due to the high scalability of the technology. Always with the goal of offering the construction industry added value in the area of digitalization. Sales teams around the world are to achieve the highest possible level of performance and expertise through technology-based solutions.

Building Radar

The Big Hairy Audacious Goal

In the future, Building Radar wants to continue to support companies to realize their market potential in the construction and real estate sector. In the next 10 years, further digital tools will be developed for this purpose. The “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” is therefore: In 2030, Building Radar will generate 100 billion euros in sales for its customers. In the coming years, the company plans to expand from the DACH market to a worldwide orientation. The first office in the USA is planned as early as 2020 to conquer the American market – the first colleague in New York is already on board. The team of Building Radar does not intend to stop there: “Since our founders have developed a passion for China, they would be particularly pleased if we have already entered the Chinese market, which is probably a very difficult market for European companies, in 5 years, along with many other continents.

The construction industry always on the radar

The construction industry is one of the least digitalized industries in Germany. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Building Radar offers the industry the opportunity to discover new construction projects worldwide and much earlier than is possible with manual research. There are many industries where this is easier. Much often works via networks or analog approaches. Building Radar fights against this every day, because companies still find it difficult to part with old processes. But in order to remain competitive, new approaches are needed. Building Radar’s tool supports customers with an appropriate solution, with the integration into existing processes and with the implementation of digital transformation. Building Radar’s Digital Sales Circle was created to bring the construction industry together and to bring the topic of digitalization into focus.

The high pent-up demand in the industry also represents an opportunity

Probably and hopefully in 10 years the construction industry will be much more digital than it is today. There is a lot of catching up to do, but this also presents opportunities. Creative and efficient solutions are in demand and this is where digital tools like Building Radar come into play, which have recognized their role for the next 10 years: “Together with our customers we want to develop a digitally supported sales process that takes sales teams in the construction industry to a new level. In the future, the construction industry will have to adapt to the rapid growth of society”. Consequently, an optimization and digitalization of work processes is inevitable. Familiar processes will have to give way to simple and flexible approaches in order to keep pace with current developments.

#digitalizeyourself – tips from Building Radar

Which industry can the construction industry learn from?

If the digitization index is to be believed, the construction industry can benefit from the knowledge of the financial sector. The trust in digital solutions is much greater there. Banks and insurance companies are clearly the leaders in the industry. Of course, the basic prerequisites are different, but if you think back 50 years, neither banks nor insurance companies were considered trendy pioneers, but were rather characterized by a conservative image. Here, customer requirements have made a significant contribution to the digitization of the industry.

Where do you see the greatest pent-up demand for the construction industry?

The need for efficient construction is great. The conurbations are bursting at the seams and fast and good solutions are in great demand. The pace, especially in the residential construction sector, must increase. We have discovered similar findings in our Construction Report. We are focusing strongly on sales in the construction industry, where we see a great need to catch up in the area of solution sales. Many companies merely place products instead of orienting themselves to their customers’ business models. The focus must move away from the pure product to the individual requirements of the customers. New ways such as early recognition of construction projects are among the major levers for the industry.

Which quotation would you like to give to the construction industry?

“Only when the tide goes out do you realize who was swimming naked.”

– Warren Buffet

Building Radar sells swimming trunks for the time after the construction boom 😉

Further information about Building Radar can be found here.

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