Like white and chrome, only better: black bathroom fittings

Fittings must always shine in chrome? Definitely no longer, because black bathroom fittings are currently very much in vogue. Although the classic chrome look is timeless, it can be found in 90% of all bathrooms. You think black is too dark, too hard and too sensitive to limescale? Don’t worry, black in the bathroom is (still) unusual, but it can be combined surprisingly well and, in the right dose, creates a relaxed and, above all, cosy atmosphere. The black fittings on the washbasin are much more harmonious with wood than a shiny chrome tap, for example – and always more stylish.

Very easy to combine

Also the combination of a matt black shower fitting with tiles in stone look make a good impression. The tiles stand in an appealing contrast to the individually selected wooden elements and, together with the black accents and lovingly selected details, create a harmonious overall concept. More and more manufacturers of bathroom fittings are now also offering products in black – these include Keuco, Kludi, Grohe and Damixa.

In addition, the black fittings are increasingly being used throughout the entire house. No longer just mounted classically above the washbasin, they are also increasingly being used in the kitchen. Even for this, further product lines with their own design are being created.

Fully on trend

This development in the product range of various suppliers makes it perfectly clear: black fittings are becoming more and more modern. As described, the special look is achieved primarily through the contrasts that can be created even by smaller elements. Thus, washbasin taps in black in front of light-coloured tiles are a real eye-catcher in any bathroom, no matter how large. However, depending on the design, different effects can be achieved in combination with bathroom furniture and other bathroom fittings, which can be used to create an individual effect in any bathroom. For example, a bathroom with matt black fittings can gain a warmer and more natural look compared to white chrome fittings.

Advantages and disadvantages

The major advantages of black fittings can therefore be summarised quite simply: they offer a special look that is not only classy and modern, but can also be ideally combined with many things, especially wood.

Nevertheless, when it comes to everyday use in the bathroom, it should not be forgotten that, depending on the surface and design, light-coloured stains caused by limescale or toothpaste, for example, are particularly noticeable on a black tap, even if this is by no means the case with all designs. Therefore, more frequent cleaning than usual may be necessary. Furthermore, there can be a danger of a room appearing overloaded with black. For while black fittings can set special accents in a light bathroom, they quickly appear rather gloomy in a dark room.

Bathroom fittings in black

However, if you thought that black bathroom fittings were monotonous, you will soon be disabused of this notion when you take a look at the range offered by the various suppliers: for example, Keuco offers many washbasin fittings and also other black bathroom fittings such as shower systems in the “brushed black chrome” version, which provides a matt surface look. However, if you are now interested in black elements for your bathroom, but don’t want to do without the look of shiny chrome, you will also find what you are looking for at Keuco and can, for example, fall back on a shiny polished bath mixer in black. Although all of these mixers are black, their design sets different accents and individual wishes can be taken into consideration.

If you would like to search for more black bathroom fittings or other components in black, you have the option of filtering products on Plan.One according to colour and thus find the right product for your project in no time at all.

The shape of black bathroom fittings

On Plan.One, you can discover black bathroom taps in numerous shapes and designs. For the shower, you will find head showers as well as hand showers and shower fittings in black. As described, entire shower systems in black are also available, or those with black elements only. In addition, there are also different variants of black bathtub fittings: bath mixers with several valves and bath filler and shower mixers as single-lever mixers can be found as well as bath spouts. A diverse selection is offered in the washbasin fitting in black. In addition to the fundamentally different designs, such as single and two-handle mixers and mixers for wall mounting or as top-mounted mixers, you will also find products that are only occasionally equipped with black elements, as well as completely black mixers.

Whether the fittings, the walls, the floor, the bathtub, the shower system or small accents in the decoration of the bathroom are in black or you decide to place the colour over a large area – black in the bathroom always works. Finally, we have a few hints and tips that we would like to give you for your planning.

You should know that:

  • Balance black with enough light: Ideally, dark colours can be balanced with large, light windows that provide sufficient sunlight.
  • Choose wisely: It doesn’t have to be all in black all around – set accents with black fittings and design your bathroom the way you like it best.
  • The care: When furnishing your bathroom in black, make sure that the surfaces are extra easy-care so that you do not have to deal with lime and dirt unnecessarily.
  • Repeat black: Combine a black floor, for example, with black soap dispensers, lights or towels for a harmonious overall concept.
  • Which black should it be? Not every black is the same, because matt black has a different effect than shiny black. Pure deep black is different from black with a blue, green or purple cast.
  • Better to paint than tile: Decide to paint if you are not 100% sure about your decision. In an emergency, a change is easier – better to repaint than to lay new tiles.
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